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Image by Jonathan Borba

Do's & Dont's

When you hire a skip you want to get your moneys worth, we all do!

but sometimes adding that last bit of waste on top can prove costly!

If our drivers or one of our stakeholders arrive and are unable to pick up the skip they may tip some off the make the load safe or pull away leaving the overloaded skip and a bill for a wasted journey! 

Here are some examples of do's and dont's that we have seen over the years. Some of these were not able to be collected, causing issues and a wasted journey fee for the customer. Keep it level and sensibly loaded and we wont have any problems

Overloaded Skips

Seeing skips like this is quite funny... Unless you are a driver who is expected to pick this bad boy up! this is definitely a case of take it out and try again!

Even when covered the loose sheets on top will move and shift, causing A Hazardous situation for anyone either driving behind or walking near the moving vehicle.

Overloaded Skip

Lopsided Load

Although this skip looks fairly well loaded Picking this up may prove troublesome as the load is unevenly distributed. The build up of bricks at one end may well make it swing when its being picked up, dangerous if its near your house or car!

Lopsided loaded skip

Overloaded with light goods

Despite not being that heavy this skip is still overloaded, The load on this skip would flatten a little when the sheet is placed over the top but whist driving the plastics and cardboard could wriggle loose and blow away causing a mess and possibly a dangerous situation if we are driving on motorway! So keep it level loaded and we will be all gooood!

Overloaded with light goods


Our Skip and RoRo drivers love it when they can arrive at a site and just pick the bin up there is nothing worse then having to tip off an over loaded skip. We much prefer to grab it and go!!

Well loaded skip

It's all good.....

If once you've filled the skip, our Driver can pick it up and still sheet it up.... Then we are all good, We will be on our way to dispose of your waste at one of our stakeholders fully licenced and Insured Waste Transfer Stations.

Loaded skip lorry
Image by John Cameron

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