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101 Grab Hire

Our Grab lorries can carry unto 16 Tonnes of in weight depending on the viscosity of the waste.

What is a Grab Hire?

Grab lorries are Ideally suited for moving large amounts of building, construction and garden waste. They are an economic choice when deciding on waste removal. Grab lorries use a hydraulic arm and a bucket to pick up and move large quantities of waste from areas that would require large amounts of man power to move the equivalent weight.

Why Hire a Grab Lorry?

One of the main Benefits of hiring a grab lorry is the load capacity, Typically a grab lorry will hold double the amount of waste that you can fit in a skip, at a fraction of the price. Meaning a grab lorry is one of the most economical ways to remove waste Soil/Muck and Rubble from your site.

One of the best features of a grab lorry is the convenience. You are able to order a grab for a time that is suitable to you, it will collect the specified waste fairly quickly even if the waste in question is behind low walls or hedges, and then dispose of the waste with minimal disruption caused to you or your business.


What can I pick up with the Grab lorry?

The exceptional accessibility of the Grab lorry means that it can pick up waste materials in some of the most hard to reach places. 

some examples of the waste a grab lorry can remove from your site include:

  • Muck

  • Soil and Stone

  • Hardcore and concrete

  • General Waste

  • Garden waste

  • Waste aggregates

Image by John Cameron

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